QuickTime™ Virtual Reality (QTVR) breathes life into an image by taking it off the page and giving it a spin. Still shots are seamlessly stitched together to create a moveable object movie, a 360° panorama or a virtual walk-through tour. The result... an interactive experience in which the audience is in control.

QuickTime™ video opens the window of your world to your audience. Capture on video a person, scene or event, see it professionally edited with Final Cut Pro™, then featured on your multimedia project. Using QuickTime™ video can:
  Put the audience 'on location' at a recent event
  Add charisma to a message
  Communicate who you are 'face-to-face'
  Invite the audience for an inside look at your organization

You provide the raw materials - digital video or digital photos. We'll create these interactive components to enhance your web site or CD/DVD project.