In the forging of a truly effective web site, one with purpose and direction, the strategic planning phase is an essential step--a Reconnaissance Mission of sorts. Together, we collaborate to bring the purpose of your web solution into focus. 

This purpose will drive the design of an interactive, innovative, and effective tool. Such a solution will strike a healthy balance between finesse and functionality, being a pleasure to visit and revisit. 

In the realization of your solution, we employ the latest technologies to craft a solution which truly communicates.  Consider what "communication" really is: One person spontaneously says something, and another responds to it. It's not scripted, but dynamically unfolds over time. 

To be a truly effective communication tool, a web site must be able to "communicate"; this is to say, it must be able to dynamically present and gather information. Our solutions employ leading edge technologies to do just that, including:
Site Personalization
Database back ends
Total E-commerce solutions
Integration of streamed Video & Audio
Intranets & Extranets

Once we've crafted your solution, be it elemental or extraordinary, you'll need a place to put it on-line, and we have just the place. Our site hosting plans are comprehensive, including:
Linux and Windows 2000 platforms
Database integration using ASP or ColdFusion
SQL Server
E-commerce, shopping carts
Security certificates & SSL
POP E-mail accounts
Streaming media
Office 2000 collaboration options

But our vision extends past the day you go live. In the creation of your solution--and the development of our partnership--we plan for the ongoing renewal of your site which will maximize it's interactive appeal.  We are eager to continue to serve you  with creative ideas, crafty implementation, and accordant training.  

Yes, training. Your organization may find it more cost effective to put the ongoing maintenance of your site onto your shoulders by having members of your own staff trained to do so. The choice is yours.

In the marketing of your winning site, we will enhance the chances that those searching for what you offer will actually see YOU. By maximizing your site's ranking with search engines, and statistically analyzing your site's search engine ranking and actual popularity, we continue to make sure that your site actually serves you and those with whom you want to connect.